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Stronghold Crusader Extreme PC Game Full version

Stronghold Crusader Extreme PC  Full Version
Stronghold Crusader Extreme is very interesting game with 20 extreme missions, and tactical forces such as arrows that can kill the enemy. There is also a human 10,000 hat. Like Stronghold Crusader, this game still has the charm, and still very intense. Multiplayer aspect also adds more depth to the game.Stronghold Crusader is the stand-alone successor to Stronghold, meaning you don’t need the original Stronghold to play it. It takes Stronghold out of Europe and into the Holy Lands, giving it a tighter focus and a more exotic flavor. The economic missions that had you racing against the clock to fulfill contrived objectives have been removed from the game. Instead, Stronghold: Crusader places more.
Last year’s Stronghold was a slightly uneven combination of city builder and real-time strategy game, with an emphasis on siege warfare. It had the distinction of being the only castle simulation from a major publisher since Interplay released Quicksilver’s Castles II in 1992. Aspiring warlords could forgive Stronghold’s shortcomings, since the original game gave them the opportunity to build and raze walls, pillage countrysides, and launch cattle from catapults. Firefly Studios has now polished up its old game nicely and has sent it on a long road trip into the Crusades.
There are several additional new features of the game for the original Stronghold Crusader, including new characters, campaigns, and other features. Features – These features are generally well received by the public. mission of a balanced game-controlled players are not only getting a very limited number of soldiers, but also usually in teams consisting of 2 or less, so for players to continue to attack and almost impossible to not lose the attack.
Stronghold Crusader makes some important changes to the dynamics of the original game. Most significant is the addition of seven new Arabian mercenary units, some fairly redundant (Arabian bows are just weaker archers), some potentially overpowered (the horse archers are a potent combination of speed and ranged attack), and some adding unique game dynamics (assassins can secretly open gate towers to let your units into an enemy’s castle). The new units are all hired from the mercenary camp, which can be built cheaply as soon as you start building your castle. To recruit them, you don’t have to harvest resources, construct weapons, and accumulate an arsenal in your armory, like you have to with their European counterparts. Instead, just fork over some gold, and these new Arabian units will show up.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme PC Game System Requirement

CPU Pentium =III 500 Mhz (1Ghz recommended)
RAM: 128MB
HDD: 850MB

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